The Design of the ValueLabs Anniversary
Gift Box
"I just wanna be part of your symphony"

This gift hamper has been thoughtfully crafted for you and your family, to kickstart the marathon of exciting events, campaigns, and contests that have been lined up for you!

Some of the gifts you will find in here will come in handy – so go ahead, rummage through, and gear up for a fun ride ahead!

opening ceremony
The Gifts

Make the best out of this party hamper! Designed to not only celebrate this milestone but also putting your wellness at the heart of our values, the items inside the box have been carefully put together to set the mood, celebrate the party and to help you relax and cherish the moments after. We have put together a guide to make best use of the gifts.

Box 1 will get you into the mood, while
Box 2 will get you to celebrate and relax after the party.

So without further ado, let’s get you into the mood!

Set the mood!

opening ceremony
Party on time
“When the sun is setting in the sky,
everybody knows it’s party time.”

Those who value time, waste none. They use their experiences wisely to inspire and design their destiny.

This calendar is here to ensure that you don’t miss anything important – and in this case, we don’t want you to miss the party.

Mark your calendars as a reminder to party right on time!

dress up
Dress up & get-set-go
"Do I look all right? And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight."

There is nothing like a great fragrance to help spark the feeling of joy and rejuvenation. This bar of soap, infused with an indulgent and refreshing fragrance, should do just the trick for you.

Don your favourite outfit, bring your razzle-dazzle to the party and prepare for your red-carpet entrance at the ‘ValueLabs Silver Jubilee Celebrations.’

Get energized & coffee-charged
"I love the java jive, and it loves me."

Drinking coffee is a complex, nuanced experience—the rich aroma, the comforting warmth, and the calm of sitting down and sipping a fresh cup. Some of the best days in life seem to start with a cup of coffee. Get your java jive on!

Download tips for re-using your coffee grounds and embracing a sustainable lifestyle

It’s all about the lighting
"Get the vibe; it’s gonna be lit tonight."

The ambience of a space has a lot to do with the kind of lighting you choose. Change the lighting, the mood changes.

We want your surroundings to radiate energy and inspiration. So, we designed a DIY light holder inspired by the aspects of freedom and flexibility we enjoy at work.

And much like all of us, it is not limited to one particular talent, it’s multi-functional – a desk companion, pen/pencil holder, an organiser, or even a planter.

Download the how to make instruction guide

Grab your party props!
"They hear we got swagger."

What’s a birthday, a movement or a celebration without a badge to commemorate it?!

The ‘ValueLabs Silver Jubilee’ badges celebrate 25 years of doing the right thing. They are one of a kind – a perfect fit for the occasion. Grab your badges and get ready to have the time of your lives! 

Every time you see this badge while you pass your fridge or glance at your notice board, we hope you are reminded of your magical journey at ValueLabs. 

Start the celebrations!

Turn up the music!
Turn up the music!
"Turn up the music, just turn it up louder"

What’s a party without music? Timeless melodies and groovy beats – get the party started.

We have a ValueLabs playlist specially designed for you to.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the speakers, turn up the volume and get grooving!

A playlist specially curated to get your party started

Grab a refreshing drink!
Grab a refreshing drink!
“Yo VIP, let’s kick it, ice, ice baby.
Ice, ice baby.”

The diamond shape of ice cubes remind us of the strength of character and unwavering trust that are a part of our DNA.

So drop a cube or two into your refreshing drink and enjoy the show.

Download the how to make instruction manual

Keep sipping and stirring!
Keep sipping and stirring!
"Come on and stir it up."

These stirrers have been designed and produced in-house.

We hope they stir up emotions of nostalgia, love and joy through each event.

Download a curated list of 6 mocktail recipes

Something to munch on
Something to munch on
"But the party don’t stop; let’s go nuts …"

Dry fruits are a staple element in any gift hamper in the Indian tradition so we had to add them!

They are shared with people we love and care for, and signify the constant focus of the company on employee health and wellbeing.

Side note, dry fruits can be great companions for your drinks as well!

Game On
Game On
“It’s so easy when you know the rules, 
it’s so easy, all you have to do is fall in love. 
Play the game. 
Everybody, play the game of love, yeah”   

ValueLabs Globe-trot is a specially crafted card game designed to honour the locations that house ValueLabs offices across the globe. Each card celebrates a significant landmark located in the respective city. Start your celebration voyage and discover these marvels through the various games of ValueLabs Globe-trot!

These games will guarantee a fun time with your family and friends!

P.S: These cards are perfect for creating your own games. Stay tuned for some amazing game design workshops/contests coming your way.

Relax and cherish!

Relax and unwind
Relax and unwind
"It’s a new dawn; It’s a new day, It’s a new life for me… And I’m feeling good…"

The act of pouring a cup of tea evokes powerful emotions – of calmness and strength. It naturally drives either conversation or quiet contemplation. Two seemingly contrasting activities.

After a night of partying, the wild rose petals, mint leaves, and black tea contained in this rose mint tea will detoxify the body, aid in your wellness, and add a sense of freshness to help you unwind.

The cherry on top of the cake
The cherry on top of the cake
"Perfect companion for your tea!"

Don’t we all just love dunking cookies in tea? Our cookie becomes 11 times more flavourful after being dipped into chai.

These cookies are a perfect companion, be it with milk for your kids or chai for you. Chai and cookie, at a subliminal level, is about human interaction and celebrating the small joys of life with loved ones!

Seize the day
Seize the day
“May you have auspiciousness and causes of success.
May you have the confidence to always do your best.”

We have grown as a company because every member of the ValueLabs family has had the conviction to live by the Stack, challenge the status quo, and as a result grown to magical heights.

These ValueLabs affirmation cards have been specially designed to help you introspect and reflect on how you can be a better version of yourself every single day. Use these cards to pause, read and reflect.

Make wishes come true
Make wishes come true
"My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high."

Origami initially called orikata (folded shapes), is the Japanese art of paper folding. The term comes from the Japanese words ‘Oru’ (to fold) and ‘kami’ (paper). This unique way of folding paper and creating fun shapes is a beautiful way to spend quality time and is an excellent exercise for your brain.

When we think of origami, the paper crane is likely the first thing that comes to mind. The crane is referred to as a ‘bird of happiness,’ and according to the Japanese, the Chinese, and the Korean cultures, it is believed to be a mythical creature that lives for over 1,000 years. According to Japanese folk culture, one wish is granted if 1,000 origami cranes are folded.

As a 7,000+ person strong company, each origami crane that we make can collectively power 7 wishes of health, happiness, peace, love, success, prosperity, and liberation for everyone in this world.

What you need to do:

1. Enclosed is a starter set of 5 origami papers to start the origami journey together as a team

2. Fold the paper cranes by following the instructions

3. Feel free to use other materials and your creativity to fold the cranes

4. The goal is to make the maximum number of paper cranes as a part of our Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Watch how to make video

Seize the day
Treasure every moment
"For a silver coin and a dash of salt, I can make the bluebird sing."

In Indian tradition, it is auspicious to gift silver, as it is a gift with eternal value. It is believed that silver brings good luck, prosperity, and success; this silver coin is a unique element to mark the ‘Silver Jubilee’ – it is a token to treasure.

Seize the day
Spread the joy
"Send me a postcard, darling, send me a postcard now."

A postcard represents the desire to include you in the magic one is living. The handwritten note on the back gives the picture a story and brings the visual to life.

Send this unique postcard to someone you want to share this milestone and beautiful memory with, and spread the cheer of the ValueLabs Silver Jubilee with the ones who mean the most to you.

Seize the day
"I’m sending a postcard from my heart with love for a postmark." 

Special occasion – special individuals – and so special gifts must follow!

We are happy to release a limited-edition exclusive stamp to commemorate the magical 25-year journey of ValueLabs.

Feel free to send it to those special to you or hold onto it as a precious memento.

Get creative
Get creative
"You just gotta aim high. You gotta put it in perspective."

Spending time on playful, creative tasks will spark the curious child in you and your loved ones and give you the space to pause and reflect.

The ValueLabs stencil is a tool that will help unleash your creativity. Use it to draw, sketch, and play with your family – then take interesting photos, or make engaging videos of your end products!

P.S: Explore and bring out the creativity in you. Reimagine the ValueLabs logo in different ways. This is a contest, and we will be featuring the best entries. Keep an eye out for more details.

Get creative
Feel the magic
“Don’t be afraid to catch feels (ha).
Ride drop top and chase thrills (hey).”

To guarantee an unforgettable experience, our teams have worked their AR magic to add a whole new dimension to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations!

Scan the QR code and see the magic unfold! We don’t want to ruin the surprise, so quickly open your cameras and gear up for a fun, engaging, and interactive experience.

qr code