ValueLabs @25
opening ceremony
25th Anniversary

Over the past 25 years, we have been a shining example of how a business can thrive when built on a strong set of values. Our Client NPS of 88 and Employee NPS of 74 are a testament to this.

Sometimes it is only possible to see the magic of our journey when we take a moment to look back and reflect. And that’s what the 25th anniversary celebrations are about – reflecting on what each of us has created together and gearing up for the next 25 years of inspiration!

To celebrate the contributions of our employees, we sent thoughtfully crafted gift hampers to kickstart the marathon of exciting events, campaigns, and contests lined up for a year of celebrations!

The Silver Jubilee Logo

Diamonds are a symbol of purity, strength, and perfection. ValueLabs celebrates precious diamonds that shine bright! The ValueLabs logo, inspired by a diamond, epitomises the company’s values and beliefs. It reflects a powerful identity in this modern and sophisticated world.

The anniversary logo came to life with the intent of striking a balance between the brand’s heritage and entering a new era, a symbol of the future. It also visually celebrates 25 years of ‘Doing the right thing. Always.’

Our silver jubilee is polished with love, trust, unselfishness, hope, and growth. With a pledge of love and a symbol of commitment, we hope our company shines bright and timelessly like a diamond!

opening ceremony
The Year Long Celebrations

Carried by runners from Olympia to the final destination, the Olympic Torch emphasises the link between the Ancient and Modern Games. Akin to this, the 25th anniversary celebrations will be a bridge between the last 25 years and the bright future ahead.

The themes for the year-long silver jubilee celebrations are derived from our motto of ‘Doing the right thing. Always’ and the ValueLabs Stack.

To kickstart the celebrations, we begin with an inaugural ceremony. The festivities will continue with a monthly theme around the ‘Values of ValueLabs’ until the closing ceremony. The themes for the next 12 months are Inspire, Trust, Love, Innovation, Education, Strength of Character, Teamwork, Perfection, Unselfishness, Well-being, Gratitude, and Imagine.

The closing ceremony would commemorate everything created over the year and set the tone for our future milestones.